Six Dogs

Six dogs is an all day / all night cultural entertainment center in the Historic Triangle of Athens, which was inaugurated on the 9th October 2009. Organically combines a Gig Space, a Project Space, a Bar, a Foyer, and a Garden. Not recommended as a new space, but as a new space model, where everyone they can play. It aims to creates and maintains a high profiles dynamic multi-collector core production and presentation activities in an area of ​​the city that is simple Naturally this happens, seeking to is the same Pop as Avant-garde, keeping one single level in all actions that suggests and hosts. Having one practically a realistic average of 500+ different events per year, space maintains an overactive, and never talkative Profile. Open daily from 10.30 morning until late at night, with free Wi-Fi in all spaces, homemade seasonal drinks, especially cocktails, and all sorts delicacies, with friendly prices, both in products offered, as well as events presenting. Design, renovation, and the maintenance of all six dog areas is done under his supervision Point Supreme Architects.



Keywords: beer bar, cocktail bar, live music, athens

Avramiotou 6-8
Athina 105 51 GR
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Business Hours Monday to Thursday 10:00 am - 02:30 am Friday & Saturday 10:00 am - 04:30 am Sunday 10:00 am - 1.30 am