Gazi is a neighborhood of Athens around the old Athens Public Gas Works, which today is used as an industrial museum and exhibition space widely known as Technopolis, that spreads in an area of about 30.000 m2, next to Kerameikos and close to the Acropolis.

In the past ten years the neighborhood  has been growing rapidly and expanding. Gazi is close to the center of Athens and one of the few remaining areas in which you can still come across single-storey houses and the scent of jasmine. At the time the Gas Works were still in operation on that location, the area had a bad reputation. Since 1999, when Technopolis was founded, making use of the old Gas Works premises, things began to gradually take shape and today there are a total of over 60 places to wine and dine, several theaters, a wide variety of music venues, and one open-air summer cinema.

To truly understand the renaissance that Gazi started, apart from the many cutting-edge multi-use spaces and sophisticated, but also popular, dining and nightlife options, one must see the ripple effects it has had on the neighboring areas, creating with it new architectural landmarks.

Today, Gazi has an air of summer in the Aegean, even though you are just down the road from Omonoia Square. Gazi is trying to appeal to all types of day and night visitors but without focusing only on its accession to a share of night entertainment and also by focusing on increasing the number of residents. More and more people moved into the area.

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