Athens Private Photo Tours / Workshops – Down Town Athens

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Learn how to capture stunning images while exploring Athens!

Whether you want to document Athens’ life or to create compelling images out of city’s great landmarks, there is no better way to do it than shooting alongside a professional photographer.

Local seasoned photographers, will instruct you on the field,on hand-picked locations and pass you on their trips and trick show to create powerful images that tell city’s magnificent story!


For your private photo tour, we offer two options:

To custom your self-booked itinerary according to your preferences on the type of photography and areas of interest (please contact us your preferences) or to pick our suggested 3 hours photo tour In the footsteps of the Ancients.

  • Down town Athens: Document the bustling and artsy life in the neighbourhood of Psiri and the bohemian one of the nearby Keramikos. Old fashioned artisans workshops, hidden alleys, counter culture and alternative spaces, street art, popular bars and traditional tavernas, coexist in harmony, creating a fascinating atmosphere full of surprises in each of the areas

Meeting point: Monastiraki Square, before the Church

Suggested date time: 9.30 am or 5.00 pm 3 hours photo tours



Enhance Your Travel Experience through Photography.
The best travel experiences usually happen when meeting locals. A camera provides the perfect excuse to go beyond simply what can be seen, to discover the authentic culture of a new place. By stopping and talking to people, the search for great images turns into a quest for more fulfilling travel experiences.

Shoot in the Field.
Train your eye to capture images that make an impact. Learn how to navigate your surroundings and work with light, colour, background, and other influences and challenges inherent in each unique setting. Gain a better technical understanding of how to use your camera’s body, lenses, and various settings.
Tell Stories through Pictures.
More than just taking pictures is to express powerful ideas through photography. So you will be taught how to expand your ability to choose compelling subjects and portray them in more meaningful ways.
Improve Your Photographs of People.
Learn to capture a person’s true character and special moments in their lives while making it a rewarding experience for both of you. Create Compelling Compositions Understand how to create stronger, more interesting compositions using a wide angle, normal, and telephoto lenses. Discover new ways to use colour and pattern to add depth, emotion, and graphic power to your images.


Athens, the capital of Greece is a magnificent city that combines past and present in perfect harmony. Its unique landscape provides the backdrop for one of the most individual cities in Europe, welcoming people with a thirst for knowledge and beauty. No other capital city in Europe has the combination of so many moments in time imprinted in its subconscious – from ancient Greece, to Ancient Rome and Byzantium and from the Ottomans through to Modern Greece. An intense city characterised best by its history and decorated perfectly with good food, blue seas, sun and light.

The opportunity of seeing Athens’ many faces through the photographic lens and of telling this city’s long and magnificent story through the art of photography is a great challenge for any photo-enthusiast. During these four hours, which this photography workshop tour provides you with, you will find all of your senses brought together to produce an array of unique photographic images each bursting to tell their own story!


  • Suitable for people of skill levels
  • English speaking photographers
  • Local experts for every type of photography
  • Any type of equipment is suitable
  • One day notice


– Professional, English speaking photographer
– All taxes included

Not Included:

– Any personal expenses
– Entrance fees in any site



DSLR’s or Mirrorless are preferred, but today’s high-end compact cameras are very impressive too. For those carrying just their mobile’s camera, it’s an excellent occasion to focus on framing and composition.



Since we will be walking, comfortable shoes are required.

When we have a street photography tour, you may need to ask people if it is OK to take their picture. If you have a language problem or feel uncomfortable, let us do the talking.

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Athens Private Photo Tours / Workshops

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3 hours photo tours – Open to all levels Suggested starting time at 9.30 am or 17.00 pm Price Info WORKSHOP COST: € FROM 75 1 X 210€ pp 2 X 105€ pp = 210€ total 3 X 88€ pp = 264€ total 4 X 79€ pp= 316€ total